Down the Hatch: Submarine Blunder, Nearly

In June this year a £2.4 billion Indian nuclear submarine nearly sank after a hatch was left open. But this is not the only costly submarine error this year. The arrival of Spain’s new diesel-electric Isaac Pera submarine class, was delayed because it was 75 tonnes too heavy. Although the ability to sink quickly to… Read More


What is the Cost of the ACSM 11 Medal?

The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal 2011 (ACSM 11) costs: £83 to produce, process and issue the with clasp, ribbon and rosette; and; £72.80 to produce, process and issue with ribbon only. Reference FOI 2018/13817 dated 27 November 2018.

What is the Economic Cost of Overlooking Ex-Military Personnel & their Skills?

New research has revealed that the UK economy could suffer losses of up to £1.5 billion in the next five years if service leavers are unable to find employment, or are under employed upon leaving the Armed Forces. The research calculates the direct and indirect contribution of the up to 85,000 personnel that are estimated… Read More