Guide to Find the Best Scope for 7mm Mag

1. Type of Scope You can choose amongst the two types of scope: Variable scope and fixed power scope. Variable scope: Variable scopes perform well under various environmental conditions. It manages the target well of close or even of long distances. With a variable scope, you can adapt to the wide magnification range. Zooming in… Read More


What is the Impact of Environmental Stress on Cognitive Performance in Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title The Impact of Environmental Stress on Cognitive Performance: A Systematic Review. Background In this review, the researchers detail the impact of environmental stress on cognitive and military task performance and highlight any individual characteristics or interventions which may mitigate any negative effect. Military personnel are often deployed in regions markedly different from… Read More

What is the Defence Animal Training Regiment (DATR)?

1.0 Introduction This article provides an overview of Defence Animal Training Regiment (DATR), a unit of the British Army’s Royal Army Veterinary Corps (RAVC). The DATR was formerly known as the Defence Animal Centre. 2.0 What does the DATR Do? The DATR delivers animal handling training for more than 400 personnel and role specific training for hundreds… Read More

What is the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT)?

1.0 Introduction This article provides an overview of the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT). 2.0 What is the CSCAT? The CSCAT is a tri-Service composed of the very best Chefs selected equally from the Naval Service (Royal Navy and Royal Marines), Royal Air Force, and British Army. There are usually 30 Chefs (RLC, 2016; Jenkins, 2018),… Read More

New Tri-Service Rotary Wing Flying Training System Takes Off!

Army Air Corps (AAC) soldiers were among the first British armed forces pilots to graduate from the new rotary wing UK military flying training system. A total of thirteen (13) pilots and nine (9) rear crew completed the Tri-Service programme at RAF Shawbury, where a raft of cutting-edge equipment has helped prepare them for the… Read More

What is the Theatre Enablement Group (TEG)?

What is Theatre Enablement? Theatre Enablement recognises the crucial importance of all aspects of designing, setting, opening, sustaining and closing an operational theatre. What is the Theatre Enablement Group ? The Theatre Enablement Group (TEG) is formed around the headquarters of 104 Logistic Support Brigade, with augmentation from: 8 Engineer Brigade; 2nd Medical Brigade; Joint… Read More

Does Isometric Deadlift Peak Force Represent an Important Determinant for the Success of a Simulated Casualty Evacuation Task?

Research Paper Title Simulated Casualty Evacuation Performance Is Augmented by Deadlift Peak Force. Background The purpose of the current study was to examine if isometric peak force and rate of force development (RFD) were related to the ability to successfully perform a simulated casualty evacuation task in both unweighted and weighted conditions. Methods Eighteen male… Read More