What are the Factors that can Contribute to Stress Fractures?

Research Paper Title Biomechanical Model for Stress Fracture-related Factors in Athletes and Soldiers. Background Stress fractures (SF) are one of the most common and potentially serious overuse injuries. Thus, the purpose of this study aimed to develop a computational biomechanical model of strain in human tibial bone that will facilitate better understanding of the pathophysiology… Read More


Is there an Association between Serum 25-OHD Level & the Time Taken to Recover from a Stress Fracture in British Army Recruits?

British Army recruits with low serum vitamin D take longer to recover from stress fractures. Read More

Linking Risk of Stress Fracture & Race/Ethnic Origin

Research Paper Title Risk of Stress Fracture Varies by Race/Ethnic Origin in a Cohort Study of 1.3 Million US Army Soldiers. Background Stress fractures (SF) are common and costly injuries in military personnel. Risk for SF has been shown to vary with race/ethnicity. Previous studies report increased SF risk in white and Hispanic Soldiers compared… Read More

Models Predicting Stress Fractures: Any Use?

Research Paper Title A Simplified Model to Predict Stress Fracture in Young Elite Combat Recruits. Background The purpose of this study was to develop a simple prediction model for stress fractures (SFs) in young male recruits to identify risk factors for SF. Methods Data were collected from 57 young (18.5 ± 0.5 years) male athletes… Read More

What is the Correlation between Stress Fractures during Training & Pre-induction Sports Participation?

Research Paper Title Pre-induction Sport Activity in Prevention of Stress Fractures in Elite Infantry Recruits. Background Pre-induction sports participation of 392 elite infantry recruits was evaluated for correlation with incidence of stress fractures (SF) during 14 weeks of basic training. Methods Bar-Or Induction Fitness Test. Results 23.7% developed lower extremity stress fractures. 72% of the… Read More

Do Bone Turnover Markers Predict Stress Fracture in Elite Combat Recruits?

Research Paper Title Bone Turnover Markers do not Predict Stress Fracture in Elite Combat Recruits. Background With bone resorption rates greater than formation, stress fracture pathogenesis plausibly involves bone remodeling imbalance. If this is the case, one would anticipate serum levels of bone turnover markers would be higher in patients with stress fractures than in… Read More

Stress Fractures & Royal Marine Recruits: What Threshold?

Research Paper Title Stress Fractures of the Hip in Royal Marine Recruits under Training: A Retrospective Analysis. Background At the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines (CTCRM), a retrospective analysis of the occurrence of one form of stress fracture – that of the hip – has shown that this fracture is a significant cause of morbidity… Read More