Why There’s No Point Telling Me To Lose Weight

This article, by Emma Lewis writing in the British Medical Journal, looks at the issue of losing weight from the perspective of a patient in a GP consultation. It makes for a very interesting read. I am one of over 97% of people for whom dieting does not lead to sustained weight loss.1 2 3… Read More


Physical Activity & Political Affiliation: Any Connection?

Research Paper Title Are “Armchair Socialists” Still Sitting? Cross Sectional Study of Political Affiliation and Physical Activity. Objective To examine the validity of the concept of left wing “armchair socialists” and whether they sit more and move less than their right wing and centrist counterparts. Design Secondary analysis of Eurobarometer data from 32 European countries.… Read More

Are Some Diets “Mass Murder”?

From low fat to Atkins and beyond, diets that are based on poor nutrition science are a type of global, uncontrolled experiment that may lead to bad outcomes, concludes Richard Smith (Chair, Patients Know Best writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)). Jean Mayer, one of the “greats” of nutrition science, said in 1965, in… Read More

Increase in Reports of Toxicity from Fat Burning Supplement Seen in UK

Poisons centres in the United Kingdom have seen a sharp increase in reports of toxicity from a fat burning supplement called 2,4 dinitrophenol (DNP). The supplement, used by body builders and dieters, is not licensed for medicinal use but is available on the internet. The benzene based chemical was originally used in the manufacture of… Read More

California Rejects Sugary Drinks Warning

A bill that would have made California the first state in the USA to require warning labels on sugary drinks failed to get the votes it needed from the Assembly Committee on Health to make any further progress. Certain sodas, energy drinks, and fruit drinks would have included a label that read: “STATE OF CALIFORNIA… Read More

Calorie Content: Perception vs Reality

Objective To investigate estimation of calorie (energy) content of meals from fast food restaurants in adults, adolescents, and school age children. Design Cross sectional study of repeated visits to fast food restaurant chains. Setting 89 fast food restaurants in four cities in New England, United States: McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts. Participants… Read More

Research: Work Stress & Risk of Cancer

Research Paper Title: Work Stress and Risk of Cancer: Meta-analysis of 5700 Incident Cancer Events in 116,000 European Men and Women. Study Question: Does work related stress increase the risk of common cancers? Summary Answer: Work related stress, measured and defined as job strain, is not associated with incident colorectal, lung, prostate, or breast cancers.… Read More