What are the Effects of Social Support on the Stress-Health Relationship among Military Personnel?

Research Paper Title Effects of Social Support on the Stress-Health Relationship: Gender Comparison among Military Personnel. Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate how the role of workplace social support and gender affect the relationship between work stress and the physical and mental health of military personnel in Taiwan. The analysis results reveal… Read More


Simulated Combat: The Effects of Sleep Loss, Heat, Dehydration & Undernutrition

Research Paper Title Severe Decrements in Cognition Function and Mood Induced by Sleep Loss, Heat, Dehydration, and Undernutrition during Simulated Combat. Background Military exercises generate high levels of stress to simulate combat, providing a unique opportunity to examine cognitive and physiologic responses of normal humans to acute stress. Methods Cognitive and physiologic markers of stress… Read More

Combat Stress: What is the Effect on Cognitive Performance & Mood?

Research Paper Title The Fog of War: Decrements in Cognitive Performance and Mood Associated with Combat-like Stress. Background Anecdotal reports from military conflicts suggest cognitive performance and mood are severely degraded by the stress of combat. However, little objective information is available to confirm these observations. Methods The researchers laboratory had several unique opportunities to… Read More

The UK Military & Stress: Line-managers & Their Attitudes

Research Paper Title A Study into Commanders’ Understanding of, and Attitudes to, Stress and Stress-related Problems. Objectives To undertake a tri-Service questionnaire survey to examine the commanders’ understanding of, and attitudes to, stress and stress-related problems. Methods A questionnaire was designed to elicit information on: Personal experience of stress and stress-related problems; Stress education; Pre-deployments… Read More

What Stresses Men?

Research Paper Title What Stresses men? Predictors of Perceived Stress in a Population-based Multi-ethnic Cross Sectional Cohort. Background Perceived stress (PS) is a risk factor for a variety of diseases. However, relatively little is known about age- or ethnicity-specific differences in the effect of potential predictors of PS in men. Methods This study used a… Read More

Bartender, Another Round of Mental Health Please!

Research Paper Title The Healing Tonic: A Pilot Study of the Perceived Ability and Potential of Bartenders. Background Identifying and assisting veterans in need of mental health services has been and continues to be a challenge for veteran-specific health care providers.  Despite increased outreach efforts, many veterans remain on the periphery of such programmes and… Read More

Research: To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Research Paper Title Association between Perceived Insufficient Sleep, Frequent Mental Distress, Obesity and Chronic Dieases Amnog US Adults, 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Background Although evidence suggests that poor sleep is associated with chronic disease, little research has been conducted to assess the relationships between insufficient sleep, frequent mental distress (FMD ≥14 days during… Read More