Research: Active Combat, Criminal Violence & Military Personnel

When researchers linked a large cohort of UK military personnel to a national criminal records database they found that 11.0% (1369/12359) of them had a conviction for violent crime before, during, or after their service. Lifetime prevalence of violent offending was particularly high in men under 30 years (521/2728; 20.6%). Active combat (hazard ratio 1.53,… Read More


Research: Gulf War Veterans & Medical Assessment

Research Paper Title Clinical Findings of the Second 1000 Gulf War Veterans who Attended the Ministry of Defence’s Medical Assessment Programme. Objective To review the diagnoses made in the second 1000 veterans of the Gulf conflict 1990-91 seen in the Ministry of Defence’s Gulf Veterans’ Medical Assessment Programme and to determine the main conditions related… Read More

Research: Work Factors & Weight Change

Research Paper Title: Psychosocial Work Environment Factors and Weight Change: A Prospective Study of Danish Haelth Care Workers. Background Lifestyle variables may serve as important intermediate factors between psychosocial work environment and health outcomes. Previous studies, focussing on work stress models have shown mixed and weak results in relation to weight change. This study aimed… Read More

Research: Work Stress & Risk of Cancer

Research Paper Title: Work Stress and Risk of Cancer: Meta-analysis of 5700 Incident Cancer Events in 116,000 European Men and Women. Study Question: Does work related stress increase the risk of common cancers? Summary Answer: Work related stress, measured and defined as job strain, is not associated with incident colorectal, lung, prostate, or breast cancers.… Read More