Is Exposure to Severe or Prolonged Trauma Associated with Chronic Multi-symptom Illness?

Research Paper Title The symptomatology of psychological trauma in the aftermath of war (1945-1980): UK army veterans, civilians and emergency responders. Background UK veterans suffering from a psychological or psychiatric illness as a consequence of service in the Second World War were entitled to a war pension. Their case files, which include regular medical assessments,… Read More


Anxiety Disorders among US Military Personnel 2000-2012

Research Paper Title Anxiety Disorders, Active Component, U.S. Armed Forces, 2000-2012. Abstract Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress; however, in individuals with anxiety disorder, the anxiety becomes chronic and exaggerated, and affects the physical and psychological health of the individual. The main types of anxiety disorders are generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress… Read More

The Davison Trauma Scale

Research Paper Title Diagnostic Accuracy of Three Scoring Methods for the Davidson Trauma Scale among U.S. Military Veterans. Abstract Self-report questionnaires are frequently used to identify PTSD among U.S. military personnel and Veterans. Two common scoring methods used to classify PTSD include: Acut score threshold; and Eendorsement of PTSD symptoms meeting DSM-IV-TR symptom cluster criteria… Read More

Portuguese SOF: PTSD & Physical Health Complaints

Research Paper Title Prevalence of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Physical Health Complaints among Portuguese Army Special Operations Forces deployed in Afghanistan. Background Investigations conducted with several US and UK military veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have reported the existence of mental and physical health complaints. Methods A total of 113 participants completed a self-report… Read More

Special Operations Forces & Incidence of PTSD Symptoms

Research Paper Title Special Operations Forces and Incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms. Outline To determine the rates of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) positive symptom scores in Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel, an anonymous survey of SOF was employed, incorporating the PTSD Checklist (PCL-M) with both demographic and deployment data. Results indicate that all SOF… Read More

Special Forces: Screening & Dissociation, What’s the Link?

Research Paper Title Baseline Dissociation and Prospective Success in Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Background Although dissociation at the time of trauma (peritraumatic dissociation) has been shown to predict the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it is not yet known whether the tendency to dissociate under non-stressful circumstances (i.e. at baseline) can also serve… Read More

Special Forces: Mental Health & Battle

Research Paper Title Mental Health of Special Forces Personnel Deployed in Battle. Background To compare the mental health problems of Special Forces with regular forces engaged in combat in the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN). Methods A population-based descriptive study was carried out to compare the mental health problems of Special Forces with regular forces in… Read More