What is the Ranger Regiment (UK)?

Introduction The Ranger Regiment (Rangers) is a special operations regiment of the British Army which was formed on 01 December 2021 under the Future Soldier reform, and forms part of the Army Special Operations Brigade. It is intended to be used primarily in an unconventional warfare and foreign internal defence capacity in a similar manner… Read More


Can We Use a Smartphone to Aid Retention in Elite Forces Training?

Research Paper Title Continuous Measurement of Reconnaissance Marines in Training With Custom Smartphone App and Watch: Observational Cohort Study. Background Specialised training for elite US military units is associated with high attrition due to intense psychological and physical demands. The need to graduate more service members without degrading performance standards necessitates the identification of factors… Read More

What are the General Duties of Special Operations Forces?

SOF personnel are required to infiltrate and exfiltrate to and from operational areas dismounted, carrying heavy loads and manipulating personal and support weapons systems and other heavy equipment. SOF personnel perform insertions and assaults on targets by: Parachuting onto ground or into water; Climbing ladders and cliffs; Rappelling; Conducting close-quarters battle (CQB); and Battle drills… Read More

Developing a Pre-selection Training Programme for SOF

Research Paper Title The Development of a Preselection Physical Fitness Training Program for Canadian Special Operations Regiment Applicants. Background Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldiers must undergo a rigorous selection process that requires high levels of physical fitness and stamina to complete. Physical preparedness is crucial for an applicant’s performance during a selection process; preselection physical… Read More

Portuguese SOF: PTSD & Physical Health Complaints

Research Paper Title Prevalence of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Physical Health Complaints among Portuguese Army Special Operations Forces deployed in Afghanistan. Background Investigations conducted with several US and UK military veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have reported the existence of mental and physical health complaints. Methods A total of 113 participants completed a self-report… Read More

What are the Desired Characteristics for Special Operations Surgeons?

Research Paper Title Planning for Success: Desired Characteristics of Special Operations Surgeons, A Pilot Study. Background Selection criteria for Special Operations Forces (SOF) physicians are often unclear to potential candidates without prior SOF experience. To date, no published career resource exists to guide the careers of physicians interested in becoming a SOF surgeon. Using a… Read More

Special Operations Forces & Incidence of PTSD Symptoms

Research Paper Title Special Operations Forces and Incidence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms. Outline To determine the rates of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) positive symptom scores in Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel, an anonymous survey of SOF was employed, incorporating the PTSD Checklist (PCL-M) with both demographic and deployment data. Results indicate that all SOF… Read More