What are the General Duties of Special Operations Forces?

SOF personnel are required to infiltrate and exfiltrate to and from operational areas dismounted, carrying heavy loads and manipulating personal and support weapons systems and other heavy equipment. SOF personnel perform insertions and assaults on targets by: Parachuting onto ground or into water; Climbing ladders and cliffs; Rappelling; Conducting close-quarters battle (CQB); and Battle drills… Read More


Invisibility & the Military: Where’s My Privates!

The US Army wants invisibility cloaks for its soldiers. Not just that – it has announced that it wants to test the best contenders within the next 18 months. Seems a bit unrealistic? Well, we may not be as far away as you think. In 2006, John Pendry, a theoretical physicist at Imperial College London, showed that it should be possible to bend… Read More

Recent Considerations in Tactical Medicine

Research Paper Title Recent Considerations in Tactical Medicine Abstract A philosophical approach to tactical and remote medicine should be reflected in the gear (e.g., equipment and technology) chosen as well as the protocols used. The gear needs to be lightweight and small volume. Asmuch as possible, it should have multiple uses, and there should be… Read More

How Useful Are Medical E-Databases on Deployment?

Research Paper Title Special Operations Task Group Regimental Aid Post Presentation. Background The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, is supported by a Primary Health Care Team (PHCT) which provided health care through its Regimental Aid Post (RAP). Purpose To identify and analyse the types of injuries and… Read More