Mental Health & UK Infantry Personnel

Research Paper Title Mental Health Among Commando, Airborne and Other UK Infantry Personnel. Background Despite having high levels of combat exposure, commando and airborne forces may be at less risk of mental ill-health than other troops. Aims To examine differences in mental health outcomes and occupational risk factors between Royal Marines Commandos (RMCs), paratroopers (PARAs)… Read More


PTSD: Signs, Symptoms & Special Forces Selection Success

Research Paper Title Baseline Dissociation and Prospective Success in Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Introduction Although dissociation at the time of trauma (peritraumatic dissociation) has been shown to predict the development of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it is not yet known whether the tendency to dissociate under nonstressful circumstances (i.e., at baseline) can also serve… Read More

Doctors Suggest Adjustments for Better Shut-eye

“Got sleep? If only it were as easy as grabbing a glass of milk. Anyone who has wrestled in the darkness — fighting off nightmares or tossing and turning through sleepless nights – knows how hard it can be to grab good Z’s. The real-life nightmares of combat, not to mention all of the other sleep-sucking… Read More

Mental Health in Modern Military Forces

Research Paper Title Effects of Deployment on Mental Health in Modern Military Forces: A Review of Longitudinal Studies. Background Earlier studies presenting evidence that operational deployment negatively affects mental health outcomes among military personnel and veterans generally have lacked conclusiveness, largely because of cross-sectional or retrospective design. Purpose To review longitudinal studies investigating mental health… Read More

Bartender, Another Round of Mental Health Please!

Research Paper Title The Healing Tonic: A Pilot Study of the Perceived Ability and Potential of Bartenders. Background Identifying and assisting veterans in need of mental health services has been and continues to be a challenge for veteran-specific health care providers.  Despite increased outreach efforts, many veterans remain on the periphery of such programmes and… Read More

Research: Active Combat, Criminal Violence & Military Personnel

When researchers linked a large cohort of UK military personnel to a national criminal records database they found that 11.0% (1369/12359) of them had a conviction for violent crime before, during, or after their service. Lifetime prevalence of violent offending was particularly high in men under 30 years (521/2728; 20.6%). Active combat (hazard ratio 1.53,… Read More

Research: Gulf War Veterans & Medical Assessment

Research Paper Title Clinical Findings of the Second 1000 Gulf War Veterans who Attended the Ministry of Defence’s Medical Assessment Programme. Objective To review the diagnoses made in the second 1000 veterans of the Gulf conflict 1990-91 seen in the Ministry of Defence’s Gulf Veterans’ Medical Assessment Programme and to determine the main conditions related… Read More