UK Military Personnel & Post-Deployment Screening for Mental Disorders

Research Paper Title Post-deployment screening for mental disorders and tailored advice about help-seeking in the UK military: a cluster randomised controlled trial. Background The effectiveness of post-deployment screening for mental disorders has not been assessed in a randomised controlled trial. The researchers aimed to assess whether post-deployment screening for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety,… Read More


Substance Use Disorders & Soldiers

Research Paper Title Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders in Recently Deployed and Never Deployed Soldiers. Background Military studies investigating the prevalence of substance use (SU) and substance use disorders (SUD) and the relation between SU and mental disorders often lack a comprehensive assessment of SU, SUD and mental disorders and comparable groups of deployed… Read More

Mental Health & UK Infantry Personnel

Research Paper Title Mental Health Among Commando, Airborne and Other UK Infantry Personnel. Background Despite having high levels of combat exposure, commando and airborne forces may be at less risk of mental ill-health than other troops. Aims To examine differences in mental health outcomes and occupational risk factors between Royal Marines Commandos (RMCs), paratroopers (PARAs)… Read More