It’s a No-brainer: Drinking to Thirst versus Drinking to Full

  In the seemingly never-ending academic debate on drinking to thirst or drinking to full, there is some new research suggesting our brains can gently inform us when we have had enough. “THIS isn’t hard to swallow. Our body can influence the amount of fluid we put in our body by making it easier or more difficult to… Read More


Substance Use Disorders & Soldiers

Research Paper Title Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders in Recently Deployed and Never Deployed Soldiers. Background Military studies investigating the prevalence of substance use (SU) and substance use disorders (SUD) and the relation between SU and mental disorders often lack a comprehensive assessment of SU, SUD and mental disorders and comparable groups of deployed… Read More

Review of Hydration Research & Advice

Research Paper Title Drinking Policies and Exercise-associated Hyponatraemia: Is Anyone Still Promoting Overdrinking? Background The purpose of this review was to describe the evolution of hydration research and advice on drinking during exercise from published scientific papers, books and non-scientific material (advertisements and magazine contents) and detail how erroneous advice is likely propagated throughout the… Read More

Fluid Overload: Industry versus Academia

Research Paper Title Case Proven: Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia is Due to Overdrinking. So Why Did it Take 20 Years Before the Original Evidence was Accepted? Conclusions “History is replete with examples of correct ideas that were not accepted until subsequent generations confirmed their validity. Usually there is a logical reason for this delayed acceptance; often… Read More