How to Purify Your Drinking Water Outdoors & at Home

Whether at home or in the great outdoors, making sure you have access to clean water is essential. The good news is that, apart from the natural ways to filter water, other new ways of having access to clean water are being developed constantly. In this article, we are going to look at the different… Read More


Do Military Service Members Fit the Targeted Age & Gender Demographic of Many Marketing Campaigns for Energy Drink Products?

Research Paper Title Energy Beverage Use Among U.S. Service Members. Background The use of energy drinks (ED) or shots (ES) is becoming increasingly popular in US beverage market. In addition, young, physically active males, such as active-duty enlistees represent a prime target for the advertising of ED/ES; however, the exact mechanisms and safety of these… Read More

Liquid Gold: Fancy a Drink of Water?

Did you know you can buy a bottle of water from Harrods for £80 (US$99), an upmarket department store in London (The Economist, 2017). Premium water, i.e. bottled water selling for $1.30 or more per litre, is commonly referred to as ‘liquid gold’. “According to Zenith Global, a consulting firm, the global market has grown by 9% annually… Read More

It’s a No-brainer: Drinking to Thirst versus Drinking to Full

  In the seemingly never-ending academic debate on drinking to thirst or drinking to full, there is some new research suggesting our brains can gently inform us when we have had enough. “THIS isn’t hard to swallow. Our body can influence the amount of fluid we put in our body by making it easier or more difficult to… Read More

Sugary Drinks in Schools increase the Risk of Obesity in Adolescents, Study Finds

An article by Zosia Kmietowicz of the BMJ (British Medical Journal): More evidence that the school environment influences children’s eating behaviour and weight has come from a Canadian study that found that the availability and consumption of sugar sweetened drinks in secondary schools is associated with higher rates of obesity in adolescents. The study adds… Read More

Review of Hydration Research & Advice

Research Paper Title Drinking Policies and Exercise-associated Hyponatraemia: Is Anyone Still Promoting Overdrinking? Background The purpose of this review was to describe the evolution of hydration research and advice on drinking during exercise from published scientific papers, books and non-scientific material (advertisements and magazine contents) and detail how erroneous advice is likely propagated throughout the… Read More

Sports Drinks Adverts are Banned for False Claims

An article by Deborah Cohen for the British Medical Journal: An advertising campaign claiming that the sports drink Lucozade Sport “hydrates and fuels you” better than water has been banned across the UK. The Advertising Standards Authority received 63 complaints—including one from the Natural Hydration Council—about the television and poster adverts featuring Real Madrid’s Gareth… Read More