7 Exercises for Soldiers to Help with Rehab Shoulder Injuries

Movements that you make with your shoulder are affected by 15 muscles and eight ligaments. When you want to rehabilitate (rehab) a shoulder injury, you need to concentrate not only on strength but on balance and flexibility. Below are seven (7) exercises for military personnel to help rehab those shoulder injuries and get them back… Read More


The Operational Effectiveness of Hunter Company

Research Paper Title Investigation of the Operational Effectiveness of Hunter Company, Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines. Background The aim of the study was to investigate the operational effectiveness of Hunter Company, Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (RM) in rehabilitating injured RM recruits, through the collection of demographic, medical, and performance data for 1 year’s intake… Read More

Sleep Tied to Operational Performance

Most people know that the average person needs about eight hours of sleep per night, but did you know that sleep issues can have a direct link to operational performance? Recent studies suggest that many Soldiers are complaining about a lack of sleep. Consequences can include reduced alertness, memory deficits and slower information processing.  Lack… Read More

Bartender, Another Round of Mental Health Please!

Research Paper Title The Healing Tonic: A Pilot Study of the Perceived Ability and Potential of Bartenders. Background Identifying and assisting veterans in need of mental health services has been and continues to be a challenge for veteran-specific health care providers.  Despite increased outreach efforts, many veterans remain on the periphery of such programmes and… Read More

Research: Gulf War Veterans & Medical Assessment

Research Paper Title Clinical Findings of the Second 1000 Gulf War Veterans who Attended the Ministry of Defence’s Medical Assessment Programme. Objective To review the diagnoses made in the second 1000 veterans of the Gulf conflict 1990-91 seen in the Ministry of Defence’s Gulf Veterans’ Medical Assessment Programme and to determine the main conditions related… Read More