Fitness Australia: Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System

Exercise Professionals are all too aware (or should be) of the risks involved in prescribing exercise and the need for a consistent standard of professional practice in the fitness industry. The new Fitness Australia Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System (APSS) provides an evidence-based system for identifying and managing health risks for exercise. The new Adult Pre-Exercise… Read More


Special Forces: Screening & Dissociation, What’s the Link?

Research Paper Title Baseline Dissociation and Prospective Success in Special Forces Assessment and Selection. Background Although dissociation at the time of trauma (peritraumatic dissociation) has been shown to predict the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it is not yet known whether the tendency to dissociate under non-stressful circumstances (i.e. at baseline) can also serve… Read More

Research: Preterm Birth & Heart Development

Preterm birth induces a switch from fetal to postnatal circulation before the left ventricle is fully developed. In animals, this results in an odd shaped left ventricle. To determine whether the same thing happens in humans, researchers used cardiovascular magnetic resonance to investigate 234 young adults, of whom about half had been born prematurely. Preterm… Read More