Does Carbohydrate Ingestion Immediately Prior to Combined Mental & Physical Stress Attenuate Cortisol Responses?

Research Paper Title Exogenous Carbohydrate Reduces Cortisol Response from Combined Mental and Physical Stress. Background Combined mental and physical stress is associated with exacerbated cortisol production which may increase risk for the progression of cardiovascular disease in individuals working in high-stress occupations (e.g., firefighters, military personnel, etc.). Carbohydrate (CHO) ingestion prior to physical stress may… Read More


Battlefield-like Stress & Immune Response: Any Link?

Research Paper Title Transcriptome Characterization of Immune Suppression from Battlefield-like Stress. Background & Methods Transcriptome alterations of leukocytes from soldiers who underwent 8 weeks of Army Ranger training (RASP, Ranger Assessment and Selection Program) were analysed to evaluate impacts of battlefield-like stress on the immune response. About 1400 transcripts were differentially expressed between pre- and… Read More

What Stresses Men?

Research Paper Title What Stresses men? Predictors of Perceived Stress in a Population-based Multi-ethnic Cross Sectional Cohort. Background Perceived stress (PS) is a risk factor for a variety of diseases. However, relatively little is known about age- or ethnicity-specific differences in the effect of potential predictors of PS in men. Methods This study used a… Read More