A Review of UK Armed Forces’ Approaches to Prevent Post-deployment Mental Health Problems

Research Paper Title A review of United Kingdom Armed Forces’ approaches to prevent post-deployment mental health problems. Abstract There is now an abundance of research which has demonstrated that military personnel who deploy on operations are at increased risk of suffering a variety of mental health difficulties in the immediate and long-term post-deployment period. One consequence of these… Read More


Does Physiological Stress-induced Corticosterone Increase Heme Uptake?

Research Paper Title Physiological stress-induced corticosterone increases heme uptake via KLF4-HCP1 signaling pathway in hippocampus neurons. Abstract Iron overload has attracted much attention because of its adverse effect in increasing the risk of developing several neurodegenerative disorders. Under various pathologic conditions, a lot of heme are released. The aggregation of heme is more neurotoxic than… Read More

The Promise & the Challenge of Technology-Facilitated Methods for Assessing Behavioral & Cognitive Markers of Risk for Suicide among US Army National Guard Personnel

Research Paper Title The Promise and the Challenge of Technology-Facilitated Methods for Assessing Behavioral and Cognitive Markers of Risk for Suicide among U.S. Army National Guard Personnel. Abstract Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death for Americans in 2015 and rates have been steadily climbing over the last 25 years. Rates are particularly high… Read More

Discussing the FOCUS Programme

Research Paper Title The FOCUS Family Resilience Programme: An Innovative Family Intervention for Trauma and Loss. Abstract This article describes the core principles and components of the FOCUS Program, a brief intervention for families contending with single or multiple trauma or loss events. It has been administered nationally to thousands of military family members since… Read More

The Joy of Children

The transition into parenthood brings changes in mental health and psychological distress. A longitudinal study that looked at the impact of becoming a parent compared the experience in three waves: From non-parent to parent; From first time parent to subsequent parent (a baby joining other children); and The transition to no longer having young children.… Read More