Does Physiological Stress-induced Corticosterone Increase Heme Uptake?

Research Paper Title Physiological stress-induced corticosterone increases heme uptake via KLF4-HCP1 signaling pathway in hippocampus neurons. Abstract Iron overload has attracted much attention because of its adverse effect in increasing the risk of developing several neurodegenerative disorders. Under various pathologic conditions, a lot of heme are released. The aggregation of heme is more neurotoxic than… Read More


Research: Physical Activity, Sedentary Patients & Parkinson’s

Research Paper Title Promotion of Physical Activity and Fitness in Sedentary Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Randomised Controlled Trial. Study Question To evaluate whether a multi-faceted behavioural change programme increases physical activities in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Summary Answer The ParkFit behavioural change programme did not increase overall physical activity, as measured with the LASA physical… Read More