Research: Physical Activity, Sedentary Patients & Parkinson’s

Research Paper Title

Promotion of Physical Activity and Fitness in Sedentary Patients with Parkinson’s Disease: Randomised Controlled Trial.

Study Question

To evaluate whether a multi-faceted behavioural change programme increases physical activities in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Summary Answer

The ParkFit behavioural change programme did not increase overall physical activity, as measured with the LASA physical activity questionnaire (LAPAQ).

What is Known and What this Paper Adds

Patients with Parkinson’s disease might benefit from physical activity and exercise, but how they can be motivated to change their sedentary lifestyle and persistently increase their level of physical activities remains unclear.

Although the ParkFit programme did not increase the overall volume of physical activities, greater participation in specific elements of physical activity and an improved fitness were seen among ParkFit patients, without more falls and without a change in quality of life.

Source: BMJ 2013;346:f576.


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