Pregnancy, Obesity & A Mother’s Diet: What About Men?

There is now even more reason to watch our waistlines. A man’s weight seems to influence gene activity in his sperm, which could leave his children predisposed to obesity. So far, research into how obesity passes between generations has focused on mothers and their diet before or during pregnancy. However,  a new study suggests that… Read More


Fatherhood & Weight Gain: Up or Down?

Research Paper Title Longitudinal Study of Body Mass Index in Young Males and the Transition to Fatherhood. Background Despite a growing understanding that the social determinants of health have an impact on body mass index (BMI), the role of fatherhood on young men’s BMI is understudied. This longitudinal study examined BMI in young men over… Read More

Childhood Weight: Nature or Nurture?

A study comparing the weight of biological and adopted children to that of their parents has found that lifestyles, rather than genes, are primarily responsible for the children being overweight (). The researchers, from the Centre for Economic Performance at the School of Economics and Political Science, concluded that policies to influence parents’ lifestyles could… Read More

Mortality & Cardiovascular Events: The Role of Maternal Obesity

Research Paper Title Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy and Premature Mortality from Cardiovascular Event in Adult Offspring: Follow-up of 1,323,275 Person Years. Study Question Is maternal obesity associated with an increased risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease in adult offspring? Summary Answer Yes, maternal obesity is associated with an increased risk of both outcomes in… Read More