A New Way…

“You can’t say civilization don’t advance. For every war, they kill you a new way.” Will Rogers (1879 to 1935) William Penn Adair Rogers was an American entertainer, famous for his pithy and homespun humour. Advertisements Advertisements


Murder: Fitbit Data Used to Charge Suspect

After examining a Fitbit Alta device that Karen Navarra was wearing at the time of her death, police investigators discovered that her heart rate dramatically increased before slowing decreasing and stopping all together – all during a visit with her stepfather, Anthony Aiello. Police investigators in San Jose, California, have recently used a woman’s Fitbit… Read More

At Least 95% of People have at Least One Health Complaint!

The world is sick (apparently), with about 95% of people have at least one health complaint, with a third of us having more than five; so writes the New Scientist based on a report by Theo Vos and colleagues. Becoming better at avoiding early death means we spend longer being susceptible to ill health that… Read More

Mortality of First World War NZ Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Mortality of First World War Military Personnel: Comparison of Two Military Cohorts. Objective To identify the impact of the first world war on the lifespan of participating military personnel (including in veterans who survived the war). Design & Setting Comparison of two cohorts of military personnel, followed to death, leaving New Zealand to… Read More

Mortality & Cardiovascular Events: The Role of Maternal Obesity

Research Paper Title Maternal Obesity during Pregnancy and Premature Mortality from Cardiovascular Event in Adult Offspring: Follow-up of 1,323,275 Person Years. Study Question Is maternal obesity associated with an increased risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease in adult offspring? Summary Answer Yes, maternal obesity is associated with an increased risk of both outcomes in… Read More