More Hairstyles Allowed for Women Soldiers

A restyled Army policy giving women more choice about how they wear their hair while on duty has been given the thumbs-up from personnel. They say the move – which will see soldiers deviate from the hitherto approved bun – will improve comfort and allow kit to fit more snugly. Unless they are at high-profile… Read More


What was the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act 1939?

Introduction The Emergency Powers (Defence) Act 1939 was emergency legislation passed just prior to the outbreak of World War II by the Parliament of the United Kingdom to enable the British Government to take up emergency powers to prosecute the war effectively. It contained clauses giving the government wide powers to create Defence Regulations which… Read More

What are Defence Regulations (UK)?

Introduction During the Second World War Defence Regulations were a fundamental aspect of everyday life in the United Kingdom. They were emergency regulations passed on the outbreak of war and during it to give the government emergency powers to prosecute the war. Two Acts of Parliament were passed as enabling legislation to allow the Defence… Read More

What was Defence Regulation 18B?

Introduction Defence Regulation 18B, often referred to as simply 18B, was one of the Defence Regulations used by the British Government before and during World War II. The complete name for the rule was Regulation 18B of the Defence (General) Regulations 1939. It allowed the internment without trial of people suspected of being actively opposed… Read More