Is It Smart to Use A Military-Style Backpack for Hiking?

Hiking requires a world-class backpack, but which style is the best? Is a traditional school backpack going to get the job done or will it leave you wanting more?

This is where many hikers get stuck because they may not understand what is suitable for their particular needs.

When deciding on a backpack to purchase, it is important to select one that will hold all of your gear. Depending on what you decide you need during your hike a conventional backpack may not be suitable, and this is where a military-style backpack is called for.

Below is a brief outline of the benefits of a military-style backpack for hiking.

What is a Military-Style Backpack?

A military-style backpack is designed to have a sleek profile while offering ample space inside. It is made of robust materials, comes with numerous pockets, and ensures users can walk for many hours without compromising their safety and causing undue fatigue (particularly around the shoulders and back).

In the military, this is a must-have due to the nature of the job and what it entails.

The military-style backpack is heralded for hiking purposes because it offers a long list of advantages for the average person.

Benefits of a Military-Style Backpack for Hiking

1. Ideal for ‘Rucking’

Rucking, to use the US vernacular, in the military refers to the idea of hiking many hours with a heavy pack. This means a military-style backpack is advantageous for those who are just going to be hiking at a local trail but still want something that is built to do well in these conditions.

This is an option that is not going to let you down and is going to remain consistent over the long-term (in terms of durability and comfort).

Just having something ideal for rucking will help over the long term.

2. Spacious

When spending extended time outdoors, it becomes evident that space is essential. Just having enough pockets makes all the difference in the world.

Military-style backpacks have numerous external pockets which means a buddy hiker can remove/put back items ‘on the go’ (so you do not have to keep stopping). These external pockets means there is more space in the main chamber.

I remember one time needing to hold multiple items, including a pouch of food and having enough space because of the military-style backpack. It made things ten times easier, and I didn’t have to start carrying a separate bag just to make it all work!

Trust me, that is never the way to go hiking, nor is it worth it.

3. Easy to Handle in Different Conditions

When you are hiking, it is not always going to be sunny outside. Instead, you will deal with a variety of conditions (such as scorching heat, rain, hail, and everything in between). The goal is to ensure the backpack is not going to let you down as soon as you step outdoors.

This is where a military-style backpack shines through and rugged enough to make it your main solution while hiking.


A military-style backpack for hiking is one of the smarter investments a person can make when it comes to their short and long-term hiking needs.

It is robust, spacious, and provides enough versatility for those walking on rough terrain. Just having something as reliable as this on your back will make all the difference in the world.

Take the time to buy the best military-style backpack for hiking and enjoy the benefits that come along with it over the long-term.


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