Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection (from 2001)

Research Paper Title

The Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection: A Series of Questions?


From work funded by the UKs Ministry of Defence (MOD), Corporate Research Programme, the researchers have reached the stage of examining the Internet as a means of selection for the Armed Forces.

Previous work has looked at computer-based testing, adaptive testing and the introduction of common Tri-service selection. Currently the UK Armed Forces share physical locations and some processes in their recruitment, but each has its own selection test.

One potential future is to form a Tri-service selection system, including a management information system and web-based assessment. The potential of the Internet is already being exploited by the Services for marketing purposes, but has greater potential still.

Already, the Armed Forces and other organisations are using web-sites to advertise positions and recruit personnel. This is creating competition for the potential candidates for the Armed Forces. There is potential to expand the use of the Internet to streamline the recruiting and selection processes.

This paper raises some of the many questions that require answers before we can leap into this brave new world.


Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection, The – A Series of Questions (Weston, 2002)


Weston, K.J. (2001) The Development of Web-Based Assessment for Tri-Service Selection:
A Series of Questions? Paper presented at the RTO HFM Specialists’ Meeting on “Human Factors in the 21st Century”, held in Paris, France, 11-13 June 2001, and published in RTO-MP-077.


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