The Scottish buy more Super XL Size Clothes than anywhere else in the UK

Scots XL when it comes to the bigger sizes…that’s the headline of a story in the Metro newspaper from yesterday.

Scots buy more super XL size clothes than anywhere else in the UK, it has been revealed.

‘Big boned’ men snap up the clothes in sizes from XL to 8XL (yes really), topping a poll of overweight shoppers.

Body Graphic, Height to Waist RatioFigures from clothing firm Big Dude Clothing, which caters for larger males, revealed that Scotland came top of the peg for purchases of super king size (7XL to 8XL) clothing in the UK.

They easily beat off competition from England, where the percentage of super XL clothes bought is half of that purchased north of the border.

The most popular size in Scotland bought from the firm is a 5XL, while in England it is a 4XL. Glasgow (where I live) is the most popular city in Scotland for orders above a 3XL.

Darrell Freeman, MD of Big Dude Clothing, said: “We found Scotland is the biggest region for super king size clothing, with most 7XLs and 8XLs sold there. For example. a request we got before Christmas from our custom clothing page was for a 58in waist tartan kilt. In terms of percentage of sizes, 8.7% of sizes sold in Scotland are an 8XL, while that number in England is 4.9%. Glasgow is the most popular city in Scotland for orders above a 3XL. However, Aberdeen as a percentage of population is our biggest city. We seem to sell a lot of formal wear in Aberdeen, particularly 23in collar formal shirts.”

Wow, it is bizarre to think that some people have a waist that, if converted to height, would be as tall as me!

Generic Waist Size (from Big Dude Clothing Website)

Size     Inches
2XL     44″-46″ (3′ 6” to 3′ 8”)
3XL     48″-50″
4XL     52″-54″
5XL     56″-58″
6XL     60″-62″
7XL     64″-66″ (5′ 3” to 5′ 5”)


Deal, S. (2015) Scots XL When It Comes To The Bigger Sizes… Metro. Thursday, 25 June 2015, pp.36.


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