Personal Training: Loaded March

Exercise, Loaded MarchI had a lovely start to the day with a 7.2 mile loaded march carrying 38 lb, though typical of Scotland it was raining. A light drizzle at first turning heavy, conveniently, at the half way mark.

It took me 75 mins (0610 to 0725) and it went ok, no hotspots, or shoulder burns, although I have small ‘rub’ on the small of my back and my hip flexors would disagree somewhat with the ok part.

Although the route was undulating, I forgot that the last mile is uphill, which was a charm from a psychological perspective.

I did plan to do this ‘run’ on Friday afternoon when the kids where in nursery but, to be honest, I really couldn’t be bothered. Starting to write an article on plantar fasciitis with a cup of coffee seemed the easier (and slightly drier) option.


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