What was the Siege of Pyongyang (1593)?

Introduction The Siege of Pyongyang was a military conflict fought between the allied Ming-Joseon army and the Japanese First Division under Konishi Yukinaga in the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598). The battle ended in victory for the allies but a successful retreat from Pyeongyang by the remaining Japanese in the night of 08 February 1593.… Read More


What is the Imjin War (1592-1598)?

Introduction The Japanese invasions of Korea of 1592-1598 or Imjin War involved two separate yet linked invasions: an initial invasion in 1592 (Imjin Disturbance), a brief truce in 1596, and a second invasion in 1597 (Chongyu War). The conflict ended in 1598 with the withdrawal of the Japanese forces from the Korean Peninsula after a… Read More