What was the Battle of Myeongnyang (1598)?

Introduction In the Battle of Myeongnyang, on October 26, 1597, the Korean Joseon Kingdom’s navy, led by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, fought the Japanese navy in the Myeongnyang Strait, near Jindo Island, off the southwest corner of the Korean peninsula. Part of the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598). With only 13 ships remaining from Admiral Won… Read More


What was the Battle of Chilcheollyang (1597)?

Introduction The naval Battle of Chilcheollyang took place on the night of 28 August 1597, during the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598). It resulted in the destruction of nearly the entire Korean fleet. Background Prior to the battle, the previous naval commander Yi Sun-sin, had been removed from his post due to a Japanese plot.… Read More

What is the Imjin War (1592-1598)?

Introduction The Japanese invasions of Korea of 1592-1598 or Imjin War involved two separate yet linked invasions: an initial invasion in 1592 (Imjin Disturbance), a brief truce in 1596, and a second invasion in 1597 (Chongyu War). The conflict ended in 1598 with the withdrawal of the Japanese forces from the Korean Peninsula after a… Read More