What was the Battle of Algiers (1956-1957)?

Introduction The Battle of Algiers was a campaign of urban guerrilla warfare carried out by the National Liberation Front (FLN) against the French Algerian authorities from 30 September 1956 to 24 September 1957. The conflict began as a series of attacks by the FLN against the French forces followed by a terrorist attack on Algerian… Read More


What was the Algerian War (1954-1962)?

Introduction The Algerian War, also known as the Algerian Revolution or the Algerian War of Independence, and sometimes in Algeria as the War of 01 November, was fought between France and the Algerian National Liberation Front (French: Front de Libération Nationale, FLN) from 01 November 1954 to 19 March 1962, which led to Algeria winning… Read More