Pre-Royal Navy Course (PRNC) Statistics, 2013-2017

Table 1 outlines the pass rates for those attending the Royal Navy’s Pre-Royal Navy Course (PRNC).

Table 1: Pass rate for PRNC
Training Year Number Attended Attended (Referred)

[Note 1]

Failed to Attend
2013/2014 2024 104 11
2014/2015 2065 91 17
2015/2016 2124 162 30
2016/2017 1973 128 12


  1. If a candidate fails any of the individual elements of the PRNC they will be given an overall result of Attended (Referred), and will need to repeat the PRNC before proceeding to initial training.
  2. There is no pass or fail at the PRNC, however, certain elements such as the swimming tests and run test must be passed.

You can learn more about the Royal Navy’s recruitment and selection process here.


FOI 2017/07663 dated 21 August 2017.


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