What was the Timok Rebellion (1883)?

Introduction The Timok Rebellion (Serbo-Croatian: Timočka buna) was a popular uprising that began in eastern Serbia (now the region of the Timok Valley) on 28 September 1883, led by the People’s Radical Party. It has been called the most important event in Serbia between independence (1878) and the First Balkan War (1912). The first battle… Read More


What was the Serbo-Bulgarian War (1885)?

Introduction The Serbo-Bulgarian War or Serbian–Bulgarian War (Bulgarian: Сръбско-българска война, Srăbsko-bulgarska voyna, Serbian: Српско-бугарски рат, Srpsko-bugarski rat) was a war between the Kingdom of Serbia and Principality of Bulgaria that erupted on 14 November 1885 and lasted until 28 November 1885. Despite Bulgaria being a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks did not… Read More