What is the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT)?

1.0 Introduction

This article provides an overview of the Combined Services Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT).

2.0 What is the CSCAT?

The CSCAT is a tri-Service composed of the very best Chefs selected equally from the Naval Service (Royal Navy and Royal Marines), Royal Air Force, and British Army.

There are usually 30 Chefs (RLC, 2016; Jenkins, 2018), although the charter see document below) states 36.

The team is headquartered at Worthy Down Camp, Winchester.

3.0 What is the Purpose of the CSCAT?

First established in 1997, the purpose of the CSCAT is to raise the profile of catering throughout the UK Armed Forces, develop individual team craft skills and aid the recruitment of personnel into the Armed Forces.

The CSCAT Charter which provides further information.

4.0 What do CSCAT Members Do?

Those Chefs selected to the CSCS represent the Armed Forces in world-class national and international competitions.

5.0 What is the CSCAT Medal?

The CSCAT medal is presented to team members who have competed at both National and International events (Hospitality & Catering News, 2015).

6.0 Bake Off: The Professionals

In 2015, three members of CSCAT applied to participate in the then BBC TV (now Channel 4) competition ‘Bake Off: The Professionals’ or ‘Bake Off: Crème de la Crème’ as it was then known.

The Military team, who went by the name of ‘Military Chefs’, was comprised of team leader Corporal Liam Grime and teammates Corporals Ian Mark and Chris Morrell. The team first participated in 2016 but just missed out on the finals. They came back in 2017 and won the show.

7.0 Achievements

  • 2018: Culinary World Cup – Regional Buffet Table (Gold and 3rd in World Placing), Community Catering (Silver).
  • 2018: Hotelympia – Cold Buffet Table (Silver, Best in Class), La Parade des Chefs (Silver, Chairman of Judges Award).
  • 2016: Culinary Olympics – Cold Buffet Table (Double Gold), Community Catering Challenge (Silver).
  • 2016: Hotelympia –  Cold Buffet Table (Silver), La Parade des Chefs (Gold, Best in Class).
  • 2015: The Hospitality Show – Junior La Parade des Chefs (Gold).
  • 2014: Culinary World Cup  – Community Catering Challenge (Gold).
  • 2014: Hotelympia –  La Parade des Chefs (Silver), Cold Buffet Table (Silver).
  • 2012: Culinary Olympics – La Parade des Chefs (Gold), Cold Buffet Table (Gold).

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9.0 References

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