Team Games & Warfare: Is There An Evolutionary Link?

“Team sports have long been known to bring out our tribal instincts. But did they first emerge to train us for warfare? That’s the hypothesis of Michelle Scalise Sugiyama at the University of Oregon. She scoured the ethnographic record for information about the physical strategies used by traditional societies during their typical battles, such as… Read More


Strategies to Hire, Build & Retain Your (Fitness) Team

As a manager or owner of a fitness business, it is important to have a qualified, competent, and knowledgeable team to ensure your gym or club operates smoothly. However, when it comes to putting together a team, it is important to objectively assess who has what it takes and who does not. Here are seven… Read More

Leadership, Inspiration & Uncommon Goals…

“Leadership is the art of inspiring people to enthusiastically take action toward the achievement of uncommon goals.” Colonel John R. Boyd (1927-1997) A United States Air Force fighter pilot and Pentagon consultant of the late 20th century, whose theories have been highly influential in the military, sports, business, and litigation. Boyd inspired the Lightweight Fighter… Read More

Does Group Behaviour in the Military Provide a Unique Case?

Research Paper Title Group behavior in the military may provide a unique case. Abstract The optimal functioning of male coalitionary behavior in a military context may run contrary to some of the arguments about the importance of individual differentiation in Baumeister et al (2016). Incentives become institutionally inverted within military contexts. Because the history of… Read More

Command & Control (C2) and Team Leadership Values

Abstract The application of values in defining team leadership is helping to determine the required interpersonal abilities, skills and behaviours of future leaders. These reasons have led researchers to study the group dynamics of work teams and to further investigate the building blocks that would help to sustain effective work teams. This paper examines the concept of team leadership values, and… Read More

Great Bosses: Freebies, Perks & Theory

What makes a great boss? This is list of things managers can do to keep employees happy (apparently), culled from a 2015 survey of office workers, suggest would-be leaders would do well to focus on the freebies rather than the theory. Extra holiday on birthdays. Leaving early on a Friday (when possible, the UK military will… Read More