4 Tips for Surviving Military Boot Camp

Granted, the conditions at any military boot camp are nowhere near easy. When most people think about military boot camps, intense training for hours on end come to mind, and rightfully so. But contrary to public belief, military boot camps are designed for you to succeed, not fail.

For this reason, any unfortunate or fatal accidents are never the intention of any military boot camp.

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Are you due to attend a military boot camp sometime soon? We will outline a few factors that you must keep in mind before and throughout the duration of the training period. Hopefully by the end of the article, you will be looking forward to it – and not dreading it.

Preparation is Key, So Get in Shape Now

It is in your best interests to engage in any form of physical activity before embarking on your military boot camp journey. Since there will be a lot of intense exercise and strength training involved, why not give yourself a head start.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you are already in fairly good shape before you get to boot camp. You could try the following:

  • Joining a gym;
  • Running or jogging; and/or
  • Skipping rope.

Study Early

Still on the subject of preparation, make sure that you study everything you need to know regarding military knowledge. This could include:

  • Learning the phonetics;
  • Familiarising yourself with the Initial Entry Training book; and
  • Knowing general army orders.

Adopt a Positive Attitude

The attitude you adopt is very crucial, as it will largely determine your success or failure. This is not the time to entertain any negative attitudes associated with fear, failure or anxiety.

Military boot camp is a very serious environment. The drill instructors are there to ensure that you complete the necessary tasks and learn how to survive in the process. This means there will be no cheerleaders cheering you on. You are your own cheerleader.

The best way to ensure you maintain the right mindset is to hype yourself up by:

  • Getting rid of any emotions or attitudes that will negatively affect your performance;
  • Adopting a positive attitude; and
  • Telling yourself you can do it – and you certainly will.

After all, there is power in self-affirmation.

Remember, You are Part of a Team

You might have entered the military boot camp gates alone, but it is not a place for loners. It is important that you remember that military boot camp is as much about fitness as it is about team effort. This means you must:

  • Look out for the person next to you – you will never know when you might need the same support;
  • Run with the pack; and
  • Make friends.

Final Thoughts

Above all, remember that your time at military boot camp is temporary and will not last forever. There will also be some down time to engage in other less stressful activities.

And also remember not to take things personally. The instructors do not have any personal vendetta against you. It is part of their job to stress you out in preparation for the rigour of a military career. So put your game face on and remember the end goal!


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