A Human Factors Approach to Analysing Military Command & Control

Research Paper Title A Human Factors Approach to Analysing Military Command and Control. Abstract This paper applies the Event Analysis for Systemic Teamwork (EAST) method to an example of military command and control. EAST offers a way to describe system level ’emergent properties’ that arise from the complex interactions of system components (human and technical). These are described… Read More


Facebook at Work Reavealed

Facebook’s new service for workplaces, aptly named ‘Facebook at Work’ has been revealed. However, details of the service make it look like normal Facebook, with two added words! Although the point is to make the new service appear and feel just like the original, which will make users feel more comfortable and familiar with  using… Read More

Start Your Next Meeting With A Joke

Three-member teams with at least one person in a good mood were more than twice as likely to solve a puzzle as teams whose members were all in neutral moods, according to an experiment by Kyle J. Emich, of Fordham University. That is because people in good moods are more likely to share knowledge and… Read More

Perspectives on Team Success

“Two recent articles explore effectiveness in team-working, one academic and strongly evidence-based, the other practitioner-focused and advisory. The first, by a group of Dutch academics, presents an in-depth statistical analysis of survey data that gives us a more nuanced understanding of certain aspects of team dynamics. The main focus is on how respected people feel… Read More