Command & Control (C2) and Team Leadership Values


The application of values in defining team leadership is helping to determine the required interpersonal abilities, skills and behaviours of future leaders.

These reasons have led researchers to study the group dynamics of work teams and to further investigate the building blocks that would help to sustain effective work teams. This paper examines the concept of team leadership values, and the potential impact of these values for optimising intense collaboration performance.

Team development and leadership are explored in the context of values, focusing on team leadership values that are required for enabling effective team performance. The concept of values based leadership is introduced to determine its application within an intense collaboration team structure.

Finally, the impact of team leadership values for intense collaboration is explored, and recommendations are provided for examining how the application of values can enable more effective intense collaboration in military Command and Control (C2) operations.


Waruszynski, B. (2011)  Team Leadership Values for Optimizing Intense Collaboration. The International C2 Journal. 5(2). Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 14 August, 2016].


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