Great Bosses: Freebies, Perks & Theory

What makes a great boss?

This is list of things managers can do to keep employees happy (apparently), culled from a 2015 survey of office workers, suggest would-be leaders would do well to focus on the freebies rather than the theory.

  1. Extra holiday on birthdays.
  2. Leaving early on a Friday (when possible, the UK military will ‘knock off’ early on a Friday).
  3. Free gym membership (a perk of being in the UK military).
  4. Office sweets.
  5. Free vending machines (the US military had free vending machines in their main bases in Iraq!).
  6. Team spa days (known as Adventure Training in the UK military).
  7. Extra training courses (the UK military probably has the widest range of work-related and non-work-related training courses in the UK).
  8. Vouchers on birthdays.
  9. More time off at Christmas (when possible the UK military attempts to provide personnel with 2-3 weeks leave at xmas).
  10. Paid-for team lunches (depends on how stingy your [military] boss is!).


People Management (2015) Forget Vision – Have A Sweetie. People Management: Magazine of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. October 2015, pp.9.


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