8 Tips In Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Losing Weight

We all want to live vigorous, vibrant lives, and becoming healthier is one of the most important steps towards getting in the best shape of your life. When embarking on the journey to a healthier you, it is important to not lose sight of your end goals. It is also crucial that you maintain a… Read More


Factors Associated with Injury at a US Army Hospital

Research Paper Title Factors Associated With Injury Among Employees at a U.S. Army Hospital. Background The purpose of this study was to investigate injury incidence and factors associated with injury among employees at a large U.S. Army hospital to inform injury prevention planning and health promotion education efforts. Methods Demographics, health behaviors, and injury history… Read More

Doctors, Exercise & their Miracle Cure

Research Paper Title Exercise: The Miracle Cure and the Role of the Doctor in Promoting It. Abstract The big four “proximate” causes of preventable ill-health are: smoking, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and alcohol excess. Of these, the importance of regular exercise is the least well-known. Relatively low levels of increased activity can make a… Read More

Walking for Weight Loss, Really? But Surely Celebrity Exercises & Personal Trainers are the Panacea!

Alasdair Wilkins lost 45kg in a year without having to nibble on kale salads or battle through spin classes in expensive Lycra. He reckons his weight loss “secret” is actually “pretty dumb”. “Basically, I just went to the gym and I walked. On a treadmill, uphill, at a brisk pace, for about an hour every… Read More

Time Spent Sitting & Formal Exercise vs General Physical Activity

In the late 1950s Morris and Crawford (1958) published the results of a study that had discovered that heart disease was more common among bus drivers than bus conductors, and among clerical workers than postmen. This lead Morris and Crawford (1958, p.2) to the hypothesis that “men in physically active jobs have a lower incidence… Read More

What is the Impact of Repeated, Prolonged Exercise Bouts?

Research Paper Title Impact of Repeated Prolonged Exercise Bouts on Cardiac Function and Biomarkers. Background The present study examined the impact of repeated bouts of prolonged (< 60 min) exercise on left ventricular function and cardiac biomarkers. Methods Ten athletes completed a 15.3-mile hill run on three consecutive days and were assessed before, immediately after,… Read More

Running Injuries & Illness 01

History and Examination In order to establish a diagnosis for any musculoskeletal injury, it is vital to understand the exact mechanism and circumstances of the injury process. By knowing the direction of forces acting upon a particular body part, it is possible to focus further history and examination towards developing a diagnosis (from an exerciser’s… Read More