Some Interesting Facts about the Fluids We Drink

“Fancy a drink? At some point today the answer will be yes. The average adult drinks about 1.7 litres of fluids a day: water, tea, coffee, soda, milk, fruit juice and more. But our ideas of what we should be drinking are clouded by urban myths, wishful thinking and dubious health claims. Time to mix in some fact.” (Adee et al.,… Read More


What Can Hypohydration (Per Se) Negatively Affect?

Research Paper Title Hypohydration per se Affects Mood States and Executive Cognitive Processing: Results from a Face-valid Model for Studying some Consequences of ‘Voluntary Dehydration’. Introduction There is limited literature on the effects of a deficit in body water on human cognitive function, with inconsistent and contradictory results. In his critical review of this area… Read More

Simulated Combat: The Effects of Sleep Loss, Heat, Dehydration & Undernutrition

Research Paper Title Severe Decrements in Cognition Function and Mood Induced by Sleep Loss, Heat, Dehydration, and Undernutrition during Simulated Combat. Background Military exercises generate high levels of stress to simulate combat, providing a unique opportunity to examine cognitive and physiologic responses of normal humans to acute stress. Methods Cognitive and physiologic markers of stress… Read More

Spotting the Sick Child

Spotting the sick child is a free online resource giving information about the seven most common acute childhood problems: rash, breathing difficulties, dehydration, fever, fits, abdominal pain and head injury. Learning material includes vidoes, case analysis, medica linformation and simulations. Visit: