Sir Hugh Cairns and Head & Brain Injuries in World War II

Research Paper Title Sir Hugh Cairns and World War II British advances in head injury management, diffuse brain injury, and concussion: an Oxford tale. Abstract The authors trace the Oxford, England, roots of World War II (WWII)-related advances in head injury management, the biomechanics of concussion and brain injury, and postwar delineation of pathological findings… Read More


Total Tau Concentration & Traumatic Brain Injuries in Military Personnel

Research Paper Title Peripheral Total Tau in Military Personnel Who Sustain Traumatic Brain Injuries During Deployment. Importance Approximately one-third of military personnel who deploy for combat operations sustain 1 or more traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which increases the risk for chronic symptoms of postconcussive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and depression and for the development of… Read More

Spotting the Sick Child

Spotting the sick child is a free online resource giving information about the seven most common acute childhood problems: rash, breathing difficulties, dehydration, fever, fits, abdominal pain and head injury. Learning material includes vidoes, case analysis, medica linformation and simulations. Visit: