Recording the British Military Experience in the Management of Combat Wounds

Research Paper Title The Management of Combat Wounds: The British Military Experience. Introduction As the UK military has been engaged in recent conflicts in the Middle East, the University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust and the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) in Birmingham, through which all injured British soldiers are transferred for treatment, have often… Read More


Identifying the Factors Affecting Quality of Emergency Service in Iran’s Military Hospitals

Research Paper Title Factors Affecting Quality of Emergency Service in Iran’s Military Hospitals: A Qualitative Study. Background Quality is a key factor for the success of any organisation. Moreover, accessing quality in the emergency department is highly significant due to the sensitive and complex role of this department in hospitals as well as the healthcare… Read More

Enumerating the Risk of New-onset Asthma Diagnoses in British Army Recruits

Research Paper Title Fitness, obesity and risk of asthma among Army trainees. Background Epidemiological data suggest an association between overweight/obesity and asthma. However, less is known about the relationship between physical fitness and asthma. Aims To enumerate new-onset asthma diagnoses in Army recruits during the first 2 years of service and determine associations with fitness… Read More

Rest & Recuperation (R&R) in the UK Armed Forces: Linking Recovery, Well-being & Effectiveness

Research Paper Title Rest and Recuperation in the UK Armed Forces. Background Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that military personnel commonly remain psychologically resilient in the face of adversity they face on deployment. However, the processes that promote resilience have not been well assessed within the UK military. For many years, the UK Armed Forces have operated a policy… Read More

The Private Soldiers’ Attitude to Death

“Treves watched a fatigue party of grave-diggers, the symbols of death, march jauntily past the door of his tent. It struck him that this devil-may-care attitude was characteristic of the private soldiers’ attitude to death. They had learnt now to hide their feelings behind the screen of tobacco smoke and the gallows humour.” (Pakenham, 2004,… Read More

Has There Been A Revolutionary Approach to (UK) Combat Casualty Care?

Research Paper Title A Revolutionary Approach to Improve Combat Casualty Care. Background Military medicine has historically advanced in war. Advances in concepts, technology, organisation and operational processes have occurred during the contemporary conflicts of the last decade. Aims To determine whether the advances constitute a ‘Revolution in Military Medical Affairs (RM2A)’; To demonstrate my role within a revolutionary transformation;… Read More

New Arthritis Clinic for Veterans

An Army surgeon has launched a pioneering NHS clinic for veterans suffering from arthritis. Lieutenant Colonel Carl Meyer, of 16 Medical Regiment, set up the facility at Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital near Oswestry in Shropshire, where he is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Thought to be the first of its kind, the centre is open to anyone who has served in the… Read More