Fat Cells are more Active in People who Stay Slim

Research Paper Title Persistent low body weight in humans is associated with higher mitochondrial activity in white adipose tissue Background Constitutional thinness (CT) is a state of low but stable body weight (BMI ≤18 kg/m2). CT subjects have normal-range hormonal profiles and food intake but exhibit resistance to weight gain despite living in the modern… Read More


Is Weightlifting Better at Reducing Heart Fat than Aerobic Exercise?

A new study suggests that obese people who engage in resistance training are more likely to see reductions in a type of heart fat that has been linked to cardiovascular disease (Christensen et al., 2019). In this small study, of 50 individuals, Christensen and colleagues concluded that a certain type of heart fat known as… Read More

Differentiation of Adipose derived Stem Cells to Keratinocyte-like Cells on an Advanced Collagen Wound Matrix

Research Paper Title Differentiation of adipose derived stem cells to keratinocyte-like cells on an advanced collagen wound matrix. Abstract Despite advances in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, skin regeneration and cutaneous wound healing remains a significant medical challenge. A bioengineered skin that stimulates the body’s natural regeneration capability is needed to address the current lack… Read More

Linking Thermostats, Diets & Adipose Tissue…

“Why diets don’t work: An internal “thermostat” may be the reason diets don’t work. A set of neurons in the brain stops mice from burning calories when they are not eating enough. This might prevent people from burning fat while on a diet (eLife, doi.org/b7gk).” (New Scientist, 2017, p.5). This headline sounds great, but one must be careful when… Read More

Linking Physical Activity, Mortality & Adiposity

Research Paper Title Physical Activity and All-cause Mortality Across Levels of Overall and Abdominal Adiposity in European Men and Women: The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study (EPIC). Background The higher risk of death resulting from excess adiposity may be attenuated by physical activity (PA). However, the theoretical number of deaths reduced by eliminating physical inactivity compared… Read More

When Somebody Loses Weight, Where Does The Fat Go?

Ruben Meerman and Andrew Brown (writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)) explain why the answer might not be what you expect. Introduction Considering the soaring overweight and obesity rates and strong interest in this topic, there is surprising ignorance and confusion about the metabolic process of weight loss among the general public and health professionals… Read More

Veterans, Physical Activity & Obesity

Research Paper Title Relationship between Physical Activity and Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight in Disables and Veterans. Aims One of the leading risk factors for various diseases is obesity, a nutritional burden and an independent factor which increases mortality. Disables and Veterans have low levels of physical activity, owing to physical deficiency, and this is… Read More