4 Life-Saving Hacks You Must Learn Before Joining The Military

Introduction If you are considering joining the military, you need to understand that this is not for everyone. Military recruits must undergo vigorous training that will physically, mentally and emotionally prepare them for their roles and incoming challenges. Some training courses are designed to hone their physical preparedness, while others target technical skills, intellectual capabilities… Read More


Military Wounds: Interaction between the Projectile and Tissue

Research Paper Title Wound ballistics of military rifle bullets: an update on controversial issues and associated misconceptions. Abstract The wound ballistics literature contains several misconceptions about the physical effects of penetrating projectiles in tissue and tissue simulants. These can adversely affect the proper management of gunshot injuries, particularly in view of the ongoing threat of… Read More

Suffering: Youth then Old

“In the career of glory one gains many things; the gout and medals, a pension and rheumatism … And also frozen feet, an arm or leg the less, a bullet lodged between two bones which the surgeon cannot extract … all of these fatigues experienced in your youth, you pay for when you grow old.… Read More

Differentiation of Adipose derived Stem Cells to Keratinocyte-like Cells on an Advanced Collagen Wound Matrix

Research Paper Title Differentiation of adipose derived stem cells to keratinocyte-like cells on an advanced collagen wound matrix. Abstract Despite advances in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, skin regeneration and cutaneous wound healing remains a significant medical challenge. A bioengineered skin that stimulates the body’s natural regeneration capability is needed to address the current lack… Read More