Get Up & Stand Up!

Apparently, exercise is not enough toward off risks of sitting still for long periods. Researchers who tracked people over 45 found that those inactive for more than 12.4 minutes at a time had almost twice the risk of dying during the study period as those inactive for less than 7.7 minutes at a time. This… Read More


Post-Service: Finnish Military Personnel & Mortality Rates

Research Paper Title Total and cause-specific mortality of Finnish military personnel following service in international peacekeeping operations 1990-2010: a comprehensive register-based cohort study. Background The purpose of this study was to estimate total and cause-specific mortality after international peacekeeping deployments among the Finnish military peacekeeping personnel in comparison to the general population of similar age… Read More

Linking Physical Activity, Mortality & Adiposity

Research Paper Title Physical Activity and All-cause Mortality Across Levels of Overall and Abdominal Adiposity in European Men and Women: The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study (EPIC). Background The higher risk of death resulting from excess adiposity may be attenuated by physical activity (PA). However, the theoretical number of deaths reduced by eliminating physical inactivity compared… Read More

What’s the Trend for Scottish CHD Mortality?

Research Paper Title Explaining Trends in Scottish Coronary Heart Disease Mortality between 2000 and 2010 using IMPACT SEC Model: Retrospective Analysis using Routine Data. Study Question To what extent has the recent decline in coronary heart  disease (CHD) mortality in Scotland been driven by treatments or changes in cardiovascular risk factors, and have all socioeconomic groups benefited equally?… Read More

The Determinants of Mortality

Robert Lucas once famously said regarding the determinants of economic growth, “once one starts to think about them, it is hard to think of anything else.” The same could be said for the determinants of mortality, since the length of life is as critical a measure of our well-being as is our income. In “The… Read More

Research: Calcium Intake & Mortality

Research Paper Title: Long Term Calcium Intake and Rates of All Cause and Cardiovascular Mortality: Community Based Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study. Study Question: What is the association of long term intake of dietary and supplemental calcium with mortality from all causes and cardiovascualr disease? Summary Answer: High intakes of calcium (>1400 mg/day) are associated with… Read More