Coronary Heart Disease: Traditional Risk Factors versus Biomarkers

Research Paper Title Traditional Risk Factors Versus Biomarkers for Prediction of Secondary Events in Patients With Stable Coronary Heart Disease: From the Heart and Soul Study. Background Patients with stable coronary heart disease (CHD) have widely varying prognoses and treatment options. Validated models for risk stratification of patients with CHD are needed. The researchers sought… Read More


Generational Differences in Overweight & Obesity: 1940s to 2000s

Children born in the United Kingdom (UK) since the 1980s are 2-3 times more likely to be overweight or obese by age 10 than those in previous generations, shows an analysis of birth cohorts since the 1940s. Reporting in PLOS Medicine, researchers analysed data on 56,632 people with with 273,843 BMI (body mass index) observations… Read More

Is There Any Association between Alcohol & Heart Failure in Men?

The association between alcohol and heart failure is explored in a study of 33,760 Swedish men aged 45-79 years who were followed up from 1998 to 2011. The study uses two kinds of modelling, and the only significant association to emerge is that of a reduced risk of heart failure in men with an intake… Read More

Small Changes to Diet could bring Substantial Health & Environmental Benefits, Say Researchers

Making even relatively small changes to current UK diets could have a substantial effect on the environment and the population’s health, two research papers have claimed (Green et al., 2015; Milner et al., 2015). The United Kingdom has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from their 1990 levels by 2050, and some say… Read More

Saunas Don’t Just Make You Sweat, They May Also Help Your Heart.

Background Sauna bathing is a health habit associated with better haemodynamic function; however, the association of sauna bathing with cardiovascular and all-cause mortality is not known. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of frequency and duration of sauna bathing with the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD), fatal coronary heart disease… Read More

Do Pedometers Increase Physical Activity in Older People?

A sustained increase in physical activity of older people can be achieved by consultations with a practice nurse and the use of a pedometer, research has shown. The randomised controlled trial included 298 people aged 60-75 from three UK general practices who received standard care or an intervention to increase their physical activity levels. Patients… Read More

Want Some Extra Flavour? Then Get Your Electric Spoon!

For all you salt junkies out there, if your dinner last night was missing some zing a newly developed spoon studded with electrodes could help. The spoon creates tastes on your tongue with a pulse of electricity. It has been noted that the spoon may add some extra flavour for people who should not eat certain foods. The… Read More