What was Heimosodat?

Introduction The Finnish term Heimosodat (singular heimosota) refers to a series of armed conflicts and private military expeditions in 1918-1922 into areas of the former Russian Empire that bordered on Finland and were inhabited in large part by other Finnic peoples. The term has been translated into English as “Kindred Nations Wars”, “Wars for kindred… Read More


What was the Winter War (1939-1940)?

Introduction The Winter War was a war between the Soviet Union (USSR) and Finland. It began with a Soviet invasion of Finland on 30 November 1939, three months after the outbreak of World War II, and ended three and a half months later with the Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940. Despite superior military… Read More

Paraspinal Muscles & Association with Strength among Fighter Pilots

Research Paper Title Cross-sectional area of the paraspinal muscles and its association with muscle strength among fighter pilots: a 5-year follow-up. Background A small cross sectional area (CSA) of the paraspinal muscles may be related to low back pain among military aviators but previous studies have mainly concentrated on spinal disc degeneration. Therefore, the primary… Read More

Does Regular Exercise Prior to Military Service Protect Against Fatigue Fractures?

Research Paper Title Regular physical exercise before entering military service may protect young adult men from fatigue fractures. Background Bone stress fractures are overuse injuries commonly encountered in sports and military medicine. Some fatigue fractures lead to morbidity and loss of active, physically-demanding training days. The researchers evaluated the incidence, anatomical location, risk factors, and… Read More

Post-Service: Finnish Military Personnel & Mortality Rates

Research Paper Title Total and cause-specific mortality of Finnish military personnel following service in international peacekeeping operations 1990-2010: a comprehensive register-based cohort study. Background The purpose of this study was to estimate total and cause-specific mortality after international peacekeeping deployments among the Finnish military peacekeeping personnel in comparison to the general population of similar age… Read More

Can We Correlate Viral Findings on Finnish Conscripts’ Hands & their Acute Gastroenteritis Symptoms?

Research Paper Title Contamination by Norovirus and Adenovirus on Environmental Surfaces and in Hands of Conscripts in Two Finnish Garrisons. Background This study investigated the presence of norovirus and adenovirus, especially enteric adenovirus, on the environmental surfaces (n = 481) and military conscripts’ hands (n = 109) in two Finnish garrisons (A and B) in… Read More