Five Quick ‘Unconventional’ Social Media Marketing Tips

Formulating your own, unique, social media marketing strategy can be an extremely effective tool. Read More


How Much Money Did the British Army Spend on Advertising in 2014?

The following information relates to the British Army’s ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ (MTMTE) recruiting campaign conducted between March 2014 and December 2014. Production and marketing costs for the MTMTE campaign included: Production: £500,000. Advertising: Television: £3,900,000. Print: £1,600. Cinema: £614,000. Online: £375,000. Reference FOI 2014/07567 dated 30 January 2015.

Is Undercharging Killing Your Fitness Business?

There is one mistake that a number of businesses (especially fitness businesses) make that can be painful to watch. The business is going under or is broke because they are undercharging for their products and services – which can take many forms such as charging too little, poor packaging, and incorrectly structured margins to name a… Read More

Research: Outdoor Advertising, Obesity & Soft Drinks

Research Paper Title Outdoor Advetising, Obesity and Soda Consumption: A Cross-sectional Study. Background Recent research has shown that neighborhood characteristics are associated with obesity prevalence. While food advertising in periodicals and television has been linked to overweight and obesity, it is unknown whether outdoor advertising is related to obesity. Methods To test the association between… Read More