Crucial Marketing Statistics that (Fitness) Business Owners/Managers Should Know!

Creating content and picking the perfect platform to get your material out there has quickly become a must for marketing your (fitness) business.

If you are not getting yourself in front of your target audience, well, this is the best time to do it. Why you say?

The first stat will explain that for you.

Below are 15 important industry findings that will help you strategise your marketing:

On Adding Value

1. Though content marketing costs more than outbound marketing, it has been proven to generate more leads.

  • Content marketing includes social media, blogs, emails, videos, etc.
  • This involves creating online material that will add value to your target audience’s life and spark their interest in your business’s brand.

On the Significance of Content Marketing

2. More than 60% of marketers who create at least one new content every day will not find it as challenging to get leads as those who create content inconsistently.

3. The conversion rates are 6 times higher for those who adopt content marketing, than those who do not.

4. About 61% of consumers say that they will be more likely to purchase from businesses that provide custom content.

On Using Email as a Marketing Tool

5. Using email as a marketing tool has twice as much return on investment (ROI) than plain old cold calling.

6.a Roughly 53% of emails will be opened on a mobile device, so it would be wise to make your emails mobile friendly.

7. Using subject lines bearing the recipient’s name are more likely to be opened by 2.6%.

On Publishing Blogs

8. Contents for blogs are getting more lengthy and more visual. On the average, a blog post has a length of about 1,050 words per topic.

9. Using longer blog posts will generate 9x more leads than shorter ones.

10. Businesses who actively post blogs receive 55% more site traffic than those who do not publish regularly.

On Live Streaming

11. People are willing to spend 3x more of their time watching live videos than viewing pre-recorded ones.

12. Live videos are growing more than other types of online videos, with a marked increase of 113% in growth every year.

13. 10 times more Facebook users comment on live videos than regular ones.

On Social Media Marketing

14. Video ads with captions increases viewing time by 12%.

15. Using video posts have a 135% broader reach than using photo or plain text.


While paid marketing still has its place in any successful (fitness) business marketing campaign, content marketing is still the cheapest – and now also the highest converting – marketing strategy.

Strategies that add genuine value like emails, blogs, and live streaming with your target audience will not only qualify your leads, but ensure a consistent lead flow throughout the year.


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