Culture & War…

“Human war has been the most successful of our cultural traditions.” Robert Ardrey Advertisements


The Army Sergeant-Major and Green Lines!

The Army Sergeant-Major of the British Army, WO1 Glenn Haughton, recently published his ‘Green Lines’, which for you business-orientated souls will look suspiciously like a company’s values statement. The Green Lines include: Leadership: Leadership is not a rank or a title, it is a behaviour. Fitness: Fitness should be at the heart of everything you… Read More

Controversy & Mediocrity…

“An organization which discourages controversy, encourages mediocrity.” Unknown

Delivering Flexibility through People: Harnessing Human Capability [in the RAF]

Discussion Paper Title Delivering Flexibility through People: Harnessing Human Capability. Abstract This is the second of two papers arguing for greater organisational flexibility in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Necessarily broad in scope, they consider the consequences of a systematic move towards a strategy that prioritises flexibility against the components of Kenneth Galbraith’s Star Model. Whilst the… Read More

Warrior Heroes & Little Green Men…

Research Paper Title Warrior Heroes and Little Green Men: Soldiers, Military Training and the Construction of Rural Masculinities. Abstract This paper examines how a particular rural masculinity, termed here the ‘warrior hero’ model of military masculinity, is produced through the process of military training in the British Army. The paper outlines how the concept of masculinity is… Read More

Conformity, Ethics & Recruit Training

“[…]within the ethical decisionmaking framework described by MCU, how does our institutional culture, specifically recruit training, diminish the capacity of a Marine to act ethically? […]I believe that the dehumanization and tearing down of a recruit by the methods we currently employ in recruit training is the first step in contributing to a mental attitude… Read More