The Army Sergeant-Major and Green Lines!

The Army Sergeant-Major of the British Army, WO1 Glenn Haughton, recently published his ‘Green Lines’, which for you business-orientated souls will look suspiciously like a company’s values statement.

The Green Lines include:

  1. Leadership: Leadership is not a rank or a title, it is a behaviour.
  2. Fitness: Fitness should be at the heart of everything you do, regardless of your role.
  3. Standards: The standards you walk past are the standards you accept.
  4. Empowerment: You must allow your soldiers to make honest mistakes, but encourage to learn from them and not make them again.
  5. Role Model: You must live by the Values and Standards of the British Army at all times.
  6. Culture: Do not do things just because that’s the way they have always been done.

I first noticed Green Lines on Linkedin, where it received a mixed but generally positive reception; for what its worth, I like it.



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